Zija Basic 30 Builder Plus

Zija Basic 30 System Plus®

At the core of the Zija Basic 30 System, users will find their daily nutrition utilizing the elite superfood, Moringa oleifera, along with the long-recognized Zija Weight Management System.


$69 OFF Retail ($399)
20 Core Moringa Premium Tea Pouches
120 Core Moringa XM Capsules
60 Core Moringa SuperMix Packets
2 Bottle of Améo Trim & Tone (15 ml)
40 Core Moringa Daily Tea Pouches
Two (2) 4-Day Sample Pack

Includes Free:

1 Zija DuoBoost Shaker Bottle
Enrollment Fee ($20 Value)
Shipping & Handling (Initial Order Only)
Five (5) 4-Day Sample Pack:
• 2 Core Moringa Premium Tea Pouches
• 8 Core Moringa XMburn Capsules
• 4 Core Moringa SuperMix Packets
• 4 Améo Trim & Tone Sachets
• 2 Core Moringa Daily Tea Pouches




Learn more about our high-quality Moringa and how we have incorporated it into our Core Moringa products.