Weight Management Bundle

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With the help of these weight management products, you’ll be able to curb cravings, find digestive support, cleanse harmful toxins, and have increased motivation for a more active lifestyle.

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  • Core Moringa SuperMix: Contains Moringa’s 90+ nutrients and supports healthy digestion, circulation, and inflammatory response. It’s the foundation for healthier living.
  • Isagenix Natural Accelerator: Uses natural ingredients such as cayenne, green tea, and cocoa seed to support thermogenesis and boost metabolism to help you burn fat.
  • Isagenix IsaFlush: Combines cleansing herbs and minerals to aid in digestive regularity and overall health. A balanced digestive system supports the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste.
  • Core Moringa Premium Tea: A delicious blend of traditional Eastern and Western herbs that aids in digestion, acts as a natural laxative and diuretic, and eliminates toxins released from fat cells during weight loss. It’s the perfect way to calm and cleanse your body.
  • Améo Trim & Tone: An essential oil blend designed to help you manage cravings, boost metabolism, and enhance your energy levels. Plus, its scent can help alleviate stress!


  • 1 box of SuperMix (32 Count)
  • 1 box of Premium Tea (30 Count)
  • 1 bottle of IsaFlush (60 Count)
  • 1 bottle of Natural Accelerator Capsules (60 Count)
  • 1 bottle of Améo Trim and Tone (15 ml)


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